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Local Life Insurance

If you are in the Round Rock, TX, Kyle, Austin, or other nearby area and you are looking for a local life insurance company, look no further than us here at Protecting Families. We are the local life insurance company that truly cares about our clients. We want the best for you. We will not try to sell you anything that you do not need, we will not sell you anything that you can't afford, we will not pressure you into buying anything at all. What we will do is listen to your needs, discuss your family, and teach you about the different products that we offer.

If you are unsure about what you want or need, we welcome you to sign up for a consultation. You can do so through our website at These consultations generally take about an hour and we think they are a good idea. You'll learn so much about things like living benefits, annuities, life insurance, and the various forms of life insurance. It's a very educational consultation and one that we think you'll benefit from. Even if you only come away with a better understanding of living benefits, it's worth your time.

There are so many different options available when it comes to protecting your family. We just want to make sure that you understand them and make educated choices that work for you. You're never too young to start thinking about insurance. Even children can benefit from an insurance policy. Did you know that a policy that you buy for your young child now can and does build cash value, allowing your child to borrow against the policy when they are older?

We would be honored to speak with you about all of your important insurance wants and needs. Contact us at your earliest convenience.

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