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Family Savings Program

When you want to protect your family, call us at Protecting Families. Our job is to ensure that you have the insurance in place to help your family through life's tragedies. These are things that no one wants to think about, but the thought of your family being left behind and struggling is not pretty either. We are here to make choosing and purchasing insurance as easy as possible for our wonderful friends and neighbors in Kyle, TX, Round Rock, Austin, and other local areas.

We always approach insurance in a kind and gentle way. When you contact us through our website at or by telephone, you will not be bombarded by high-pressure sales tactics. We do not like those tactics when they are used on us and we surely will not use them on our clients. As a matter of fact, we do not think there should be any pressure when it comes to products such as permanent term insurance, family savings programs, mortgage insurance or any of the other products and services that you would come to us for.

Our job is to teach you, not intimidate you. That is why we offer you hour-long consultations. These consultations are free and we use them to educate you on things such as family savings programs, permanent term insurance and everything else that we can help you with so that you can make an informed decision. We leave you to make up your mind about which products or services are best for you. We know that our clients are intelligent enough to make their own educated decisions on what they need. We just help you get it. If you are ready to contact us to discuss your various insurance options, we are standing by ready to speak to you.


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